October 19, 2016
Now you can claim a 20GB of online photo storage from Nikon actually it's not just a photo storage it support JPEG, RAW (NEF/NRW), TIFF, MOV, AVI, MP4, WAV, NMS, MPO
I know 20GB isn't a huge deal but it's free :) ... If you have a Nikon camera you can sign up for Nikon ID and use your camera's serial number and if you don't have a Nikon camera you can sign up for free but with 2GB of storage only.
What to expect when you sign up for NIKON IMAGE SPACE?

  • Organized albums with searchable keywords and rating system for professional sorting

  • Ready for sharing with several features like Password Protected, Expiration date for sharing, Download photos with selected sizes and the original size or disable it at all, show the EXIF or not, Photo credit "put your name on the photos while sharing" and more...
Click on the above photo to see a preview of what the gallery be like
Report Page

This is the big thing here this page contain a lot of unique statistics that I personally really LIKE

  • Sample statistics about your photos views, number of photos, how many Wows "Like" you get

  • Shared photo rankings based on the previous data

  • Wow rankings which of your cameras and lenses used to shoot photos get many Wows "Likes"

  • The most important one "Exif analysis" it analyzes your way of shooting based on Exif data attached to your photos ( Favorite Focal length - Favorite Aperture range - and of course Shutter speed)

  • Comparison between which of your cameras and lenses you used most and which cameras and lenses used by other photographers on the site

Finally, you will see the Badge list, Badges you earn by uploading a certain amount of photos with a unique requirement such as photos shot with Telephoto lenses you will earn Telephoto badge and there is Bokeh master badge, Night landscape badge...

This service comes with smartphone app support so you can access your photos anytime
Search for "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" in both Android play store and apple app store

In the end, i hope Nikon work on improving this service and add new features and most I want to be able to add more space even with an annual paid subscription.